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You need to come here right now. SERIOUSLY.

– Corinne

I just finished my 5th year at Words on Fire and I absolutely love it! It’s a perfect location for writing and hanging with friends!

– A Loyal Camper

This is the best camp ever!

– Caroline

Words on Fire is amazing. If you’re a serious writer, it’s a great space, enough places to hide if you really need to get out of the cabin, and beautiful scenery. At the same time, the bonding experience is wonderful, and you’ll make inside jokes that will last for years!

– Fiona M.

Words on Fire is such a blast! It’s a great way to meet friends with similar interests as you and improve your writing skill. Words on Fire has taught me so much about writing and the publishing business and Alice is Amazing! If you don’t love it here, you’re crazy! I’m planning on going back every year I can!

– Sarah M.

Words on Fire is so fun! Even if you’re not serious about writing, it’s a really great experience to learn more about writing and make great friends. It helped me expand my writing ability and Alice is so fun and helpful! I really hope I can come back every year!

– Joy C.

This is the second year that I’ve attended Words on Fire, and I have to say they are some of the best times of my life! I’ve gotten the chance to get one-on-one as well as group help on my stories and writing style in general. Alice is a great help. But we do more than just write. We also got to go to the river and play in the creek and it’s just a blast. The people here are the best of all. I can honestly say you  will love your time here.

– Tiye

I love camp. You can be around people that understand the difference between “bad and depressing” and “depressing and bad.” You find your siblings that you didn’t know existed.

– Daria

I really liked the camp because of the variety of food, yet all of it was American and great quality. I also liked the activities we did in general.

– Maddy


– Izzy

I Love this camp. I am coming back next year!

 – Jessy

The schedule was very balanced and allowed plenty of time for work and play.

– Monica

Thank you very much for that very awesome (and not to mention memorable moments *horror scene re-enactment*) week. I sincerely hope that you make a session for older campers so that I can come back next year!!!

– Selena

It was one of the best weeks of my summer!

– Elizabeth

I liked the scenery and how you can look around and make a story of any kind with it..

– Taya

Follow this link to hear from previous campers !


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